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Walk in baths and showers

Walk In Baths Showers

The installation of walk in baths or walk in showers will make bathing so much easier and more accessible. Whether you have limited mobility or just want to make bathing safer and easier we can provide the solution for you.

With over 30 products of the market there is a walk in bath, shower or wet room to meet all needs and requirments. What we are able to do is provide you with more information and advice. We are happy to send out a full colour brochure to browse through and can also provide free quotations and a home survey from a local accreditied supplier.

From walk in baths, low level showers, disabled bathrooms & wet rooms - we have it all covered and provide every solution.

Easy Access Baths

There are many different products available to make bathing more accessible - an example of which are below:

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Walk in bath

Walk in baths

The main advantage of walk in baths is that they eliminate the need to step over or lift your legs into the bath tub. This is very difficult for those with reduced mobility or a disability and is one of the most popular options when looking to make a bathroom more accessible.

Everyone likes to have a relaxing bath and a walk in bath allows the independance of not needing help or assistance to get in and out and are designed to make bathing safe and pleasurable for everyone - easy access without the hassle! ... View more and request a free brochure >>>


Walk in showers

Similar to a bath walk in showers make access easy. There are floor level options and bases without a lip so that walking in and out requires little effect. All models are stylish and modern and are able to be fitted in any bathroom, either replacing a traditional bath tub or to go along side.

If space is limited or you with to keep your exisiting bath then a walk in shower may be the answer. Each shower unit can include hand rails, comfortable secure seats and easy to use temperature and power controls. Request your free brochure today >>>

Walk in shower


Disabled showers

Disabled showers & baths

If you are looking to make a bathroom disabled or wheelchair accessible then there are many options. Through the different models of disabled showers and baths each can meet a specific need. A level floor shower is ideal for wheelchair users as you can get right next to the shower seat to transfer and a bath with a power chair makes lowering into and out of the bath tub easy, no effect is needed and it is a safe option.

Disabled bathing options will vary as everyones needs are different - we can help you find the best solution - contact us today.


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